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020 Connection 3Due Date:Sunday 2/17Instructions The purpose

020 Connection 3Due Date:Sunday 2/17Instructions The purpose of this connection is to practice our paragraph writing, so we can make sure those paragraphs are strong when it is essay time.For this activity, please review what you learned about PIE paragraph structure last week (you can go back to Week 2 module and review), and write a PIE paragraph. For the paragraph, choose one student from First Generation and argue whether or not that student has a fixed or growth mindset. The paragraph must follow PIE structure, starting with a clear POINT, providing an example from the film for the INFORMATION and giving analysis for the EXPLANATION. Here is a sample structure you may find helpful: PIE Structure for First Generation Paragraph.Requirements:Your paragraph should be at least 300 words long. It should be formatted in Times New Roman/12 pt font and double spaced. It should have a Point, 2 pieces of Information and 2 pieces of explanation (see the structure example above).It should be formatted in MLA.

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